3 articles were written in February 2012:


Programming a XC9572XL

It all started with a simple question by Tom from Numato Labs: “did you check whether the provided oscillator on the breakout works?”. So I took out my DMM and started measuring. And I got - nothing. After changing the jumper I got at least a reading for the 20 MHz setting (it showed 20.49 MHz). It turns out that my meter is only rated up to 8 MHz. So I went ahead and thought: Since I have a CPLD connected to the oscillator, why not just put some frequency divider (aka counters) on it and measure just the lower frequencies? And so did the journey begin into the land of CPLD programming…

First of all: Xilinx ISE WebPack 12.2 doesn’t really like my Kubuntu 11.10. It often complains about missing shared libraries (libxul and libxpcom). But the main features work, just some tools don’t load.

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