Oh my, I just realized that the last post here is more than 4 years old. What was intended just as a short break now results in a complete restart. Many thing have happened in the past - my son is now over 3 years old, my company is near the 3rd software release since then (and the biggest in its history), we rebuild our house, and I found a new hobby.

Two and a half year ago my company got sucked into one of its greatest journeys of its history, resulting in the product release mentioned above. And I got sucked into this right from the beginning. Unfortunately, this means days and weeks and months of just shuffling spreadsheets and refining documents. After several months of this I got so dull that I decided to do something more challenging. And when I stumbled across some of my old electronics projects, I decided to revive my old hobby which I put to sleep about 15 years ago (somewhere in the middle of my studying).

So there will be a mixture of topics in the future - some about software development and architecture, some about my electronics projects and what I learned there.

Posted by Hendrik Lipka at 2012-02-14 (Google)
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