Small update regarding the Numato FPGA boards

Just a quick update on the Numato FPGA boards I reviewed in the past. Right now they seem to be in the process of creating a whole eco system around them, to make it even easier to start the journey into the world of FPGAs.

While following their blog, I noticed that Numato started to add some breakout boards to their offerings, that are intended to go directly to their FPGA boards. Judging from the layout they should work directly with the Elbert beginners board. But Numato also has a new FPGA offering, the Waxwing mini module. Its just a bare bones FPGA breakout containing the bare minimum of components (FPGA, regulators, configuration memory and DRAM). There is a baseboard available which shares the same connector system as the Elbert board. so the new extension boards are working with it too.

As of now, there are the following modules available:

And there are also breakout modules for Mimas and Saturn, to connect the new boards to their large pin headers. Well done, Numato!

Right now Numato is giving away one of the VGA modules. If you miss that, just look every week at their blog for new freebies.

Posted by Hendrik Lipka at 2014-04-22 (Google)
Categories: electronics fpga