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Cypress PSoC introduction

I already mentioned the Cypress PSoC family of chips several times in this blog, but I never came around to explain a little more about them. But since I’m currently working on my frequency meter project which will get implemented with a PSoC5, I figured I can use this as a good example. So this posting will be start of a series. It will start with an overview - what are the Cypress PSoCs, which families are available, and what can be done with them. I choose the frequency counter already used before as an example. The first part will be an implementation as known to most people, which I will then further refine.

So, what is the PSoC?

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Update to the LDC1000 experiments

A few days after my article about the LDC1000 experiments I got some feedback from TI. They did let me know that

the chip can be used to design a general purpose metal detector. In this application, the coil design would need to change: increasing the coil size or adding a ferrite backing to the coil will increase the detection range.

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